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كلمة رئيس شعبة هندسة الإلكترونيات وتكنولوجيا الإتصالات

ابنائي الطلبة والطالبات يسعدني ويشرفني ان ارحب بكم في الموقع الإلكتروني لشعبة هندسة الإلكترونيات وتكنولوجيا الإتصالات بالأكاديمية الحديثة للهندسة والتكنولوجيا ذلك الصرح العلمي المتميز وانه لمن دواعي سروري وفخري ان يكون الله سبحانه وتعالي قد قدر لي ان اشرف بالإنتماء الي هذه الأكاديمية المرموقة التي يفخر بها كل من التحق وتخرج منها. ان انتمائي لأسرة الأكاديمية لهو فخر عظيم علي المستوي الإنساني والمهني. ولذا فأنني ارجو من الله عز وجل ان يعينني في ان يكون لي دورا فاعلا في اعلاء راية الأكاديمية عالياَ والذي من شأنه الإرتقاء بوطننا الحبيب ودعم الدور المنوط بأبنائه في رفع رايته عالياَ في ظل نظاما تغلب عليه الصراعات والتحديات. ارشدنا الله جميعا الي ما فيه صالح ابناءنا شباب الوطن الغالي وعلي رفع راية وطننا العزيز مصر.

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Engineers solve real-life problems. They find the best solutions through the application of their knowledge, experience, and skills. Engineers help to define and refine the way of life by providing innovative, higher-performance, safer, cleaner or more comfortable day-use facilities for human beings. They seek improvement through the processes of invention, design, manufacturing, and construction

The engineering study provides the students with the advanced, effective, technology-based education justifying the expectations of the future of science and technology. It should also provide the technical understanding and problem-solving skills which allow coping with the challenges of tomorrow

Electronics becomes more and more influential on the human society. The reason for this is that almost all electronic products are produced in huge quantities so interfering with every one’s life. In addition, electronic subsystems become part of almost any industrial product nowadays. Beside the basic laws of physical sciences, mathematics, and basic engineering sciences, electronics engineering programs combine electronic engineering principles and traditional computer science with good practice in design and project management applied to technically demanding problems. Graduates will be well qualified to play a disciplined and innovative part in research and development across the IT and Electronics sector

An electronics engineer should have strong background in basic sciences and basic mathematics and be able to use these tools in their own engineering field. He should employ necessary techniques, hardware, and communication tools for modern engineering applications. He also should be able to work in a multi- disciplinary environment, and follow and contribute to the developments in their own field recognizing the significance of lifelong learning



Provide a fancy academic level to prepare a distinguished engineer in the field of electronic engineering a communication technology through earning the suitable scientific, professional, moral competencies which can manage him for competition and keeping up the global developments and active contribution in the society progress and achievement of the overall development requirements


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