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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology at Modern Academy in Al Madii - Cairo, which has a prestigious reputation and a distinguished history in creating exceptional opportunities for graduate students to occupy distinguished job positions around the world, where the courses offered for teaching have been carefully selected to meet the current and future market needs supported by advanced academic and professional research. Manufacturing engineering and production technology, which is one of the mechanical engineering disciplines nowadays, is one of the main pillars in most practical fields represented in the industrial and service sectors, in fact it is difficult to imagine a modern industry without the services of mechanical engineers, the specialization of manufacturing engineering and production technology. Mechanical engineering has been and remains a key role in every new technical development. This makes the presence of the mechanical engineer an important element and a prominent title in drawing the features of excellence for these sectors through analysis, design, and strategic and administrative development to provide high quality products or services at a lower cost, considering the requirements of the beneficiary and the optimal use of resources. Mechanical engineering is one of the most important and comprehensive engineering disciplines. It includesthe application of engineering concepts, materials science, physics, and mathematics to design, analyze and manufacture devices and machines in various fields that include aircraft, air conditioners, robotics, submarines, ships, power generation, medical devices, home appliances and more other journals. Studying at the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology provides a lot of extensive scientific and technical knowledge in thisfield. During the first stages of study, there is a focus on foundational sciences such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, while during the later stages it includes courses and laboratories specialized in mechanical engineering in addition to practical field training for four weeks during two academic years, and in the last stages students enroll in advanced studies in the specialization. We are committed to providing a strong and trained workforce to meet Egypt's growing need in the field of manufacturing engineering and production technology. The Academy's mission is not limited to preparing students to enter the labor market, but also provides them with the professional and knowledge skills necessary to face all forms of engineering and industrial science challenges, which qualifies them to lead in the fields of creativity and engineering innovation committed to professional ethics in both the various government and industrial sectors. Once again, I welcome you to the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology and congratulate you on joining this promising department. I wish you all the best in your chosen engineering career. 
Prof. Dr. Hany Ahmed Mohamed Ali Elbeblawy
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The program vision is to achieve excellence in the field of management information systems to prepare a graduate capable for competing locally, regionally and up to the international level within educational quality frame.
The Modern Academy for engineering and Technology aims at preparing distinguished engineering cadres capable of competing scientifically and professionally on the local and regional levels to meet the needs of the society in the various sectors of the country. This is achieved through providing students with modern advanced technological knowledge, concepts, and skills via various programs, within a frame of cultural, social, and ethical values.

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How would you evaluate your entire educational experience in Modern Academy?
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