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Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology was founded in Nov. 2000

The Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology was founded in Nov. 2000 following the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education (decree No. 2003 dated 25/10/2000)

Students are graduated in four engineering specializations, namely

Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Electronics Engineering and Communication Technology
Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology
Architectural Engineering and Building Technology

Accordingly, the academy organization includes the following three educational departments 

The Basic Science Department
Computer Eng. & Information Technology Dept
Electronic Eng. & Communication Technology Dept
Manufacturing Eng. &Production Technology Dept
Architectural Eng. & Building Technology Dept

Prof. Dr. Nabil Debes
The Founder of Modern Academy
In the early stages of the academy establishment, huge efforts were made to recruit a distinguished group of full-time professors, characterized by high scientific background and long academic experience. In addition, a highly qualified management staff headed by the dean was appointed.

The architecture design of all buildings and the interior installations, facilities and furniture were carefully made to meet all the education process requirements. Elegance, proper luxuries and central air-conditioning added to the quality of the learning process.

The courses taught include modern topics, properly selected to meet current market requirements and mostly supported by laboratory and experimental work.

In the opening academic year 2000/2001, only 80 students enrolled. In the following year 2001/2002, this number jumped to 1080 students. Ever since, the academy accepts more than 1200 freshmen each year. This reflects the high reputation deservedly earned by the newly-born academy and the great trust in its capabilities


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