Prof Dr.Nabil Deabes Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Modern Academy For engineering

My dear students

I’m glad to welcome you at Modern Academy at Maadi, this educational edifice that was born giant to occupy a distinguished position among the various Egyptian & Arab academies, and which is replete with special scientific and energies that serve you and serve our nation.

I'm honored by my position at the Academy, as Chairman of it's Board of Directories, to be and my colleagues at the service of the educational process and the protection of the student rights under any circumstances in accordance with the policy of the Academy.

*No Private Lessons  *No Gifts    *No Donations    

he Academy aims to contribute to raising the level of education and scientific research, and to provide specialists, experts & technicians in modern scientific majors labor market needs, achieving superiority & excellence and establishing quality values in various educational fields, serving the community and keep abreast of developments in educational fields.

The Academy is based in its system on providing its service and programs to Egyptians, Arabs, Africans, and foreign students without discriminations in practicing the academic activities & enjoying its advantages, where the Academy applies the principle of “Science without borders” to achieve the highest levels of educational quality in its programs and activities.

May God help us and you for the progress

and elevation of this country


اقرأ أيضا
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How would you evaluate your entire educational experience in Modern Academy?

How would you evaluate your entire educational experience in Modern Academy?
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