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Word of Head of Computer Engineering and

Information Technology Department

Studying engineering provides students with effective education that is based on technological basis, bearing in mind future expectations of science and technology. It also supplies technological knowledge and essential skills for solving the problems which equip students to encounter future challenges. The National Academic References Standards (NARS) determines comprehensive concepts, which presents the general expectations and ambitions with respect to bachelor's degree standards in engineering sciences. Moreover, these concepts clarify the specifications and traits that characterize the graduate of engineering study programs, especially:

1 - granting the degree accords with the general framework of modern engineering education

2 - the engineering degrees are compatible with the national trends

3 - the granted degrees meet the actual needs of the labor market

Computer engineering and information technology programs have been designed to prepare distinctive engineers in the fields of designing programs and computer hardware as well as information technology which is taught via a group of distinctive courses. This grants the program graduate special qualification compared to similar program graduates in order to meet the labor market’s needs. Program specifications have been prepared through studious cooperation and professional performance of a distinct group of staff members who are specialized in the fields of the programs curriculums.

Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department would like to thank all staff members who have combined their efforts to achieve this program. The department would also like to extend its thanks and appreciation to the accreditation office in the academy, which has provided the required experiences, training and consultations to accomplish the program’s specifications.

Professor Said Gaweesh

Head of Computer and Information Technology Department