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Word of Head of Department

Dear students,

Welcome to Electronics Engineering and Communication Technology Department. The department with all its staff seeks that you become distinctive in your specialization through developing the scientific method which we provide periodically and planning training in line with the innovations in the specialization. I am confident tat we- staff, teaching assistants, students and graduates- will all work hard so as to elevate the specialization and develop it.

Last but not least:

1 - Make knowledge your path; make it the light by which you visualize life and the end through which you achieve prosperity and development for your country.

2 - Set scientific innovation as a goal.

3 - Make honesty in doing you work and acquiring and spreading knowledge your code.

4 - Make solemnity and diligence your life existence.

May Allah guide us all for elevating our beloved country, Egypt. He is the best Supporter and the best Sustainer.