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Honorable Models of Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology Graduates

Aya Adel Abd Elbaqy

(2007) Bachelor’s degree Aircraft Maintenance Engineer EGYPTAIR

Ahmed Brany

(2009) Specialized Diploma Intergovernmental Communications National Training Academy – Presidency

Mohamed Awadallah

(2006) PhD, Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney (USYD), Australia

Mohamed Moheb Awad

(2007) Bachelor’s degree System Branch Manager Information Technology Department, Armed Forces

Amr Mohamed Samir

(2007) Bachelor’s degree Ministry of Interior

Mohamed Maged Mohamed Mohamed Sawaby

(2008) Bachelor’s degree Project Manager Huawei

Mohamed Naguib Mohamed Ibrahim

(2007) Bachelor’s degree Communication Department Manager Belayim Petroleum Company

Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelsalam

(2009) Master’s degree National Bank of Egypt

Mahmoud Ahmed Shehata Mousa

(2007) Bachelor’s degree Director of the International Roaming Planning Department for Communication Devices Telecom Egypt

Haitham Saeed Abd Elmegeed Ibrahim

Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Communications Ministry of Health, Kuwait

Jerome Emil Girgis

Bachelor’s degree Senior HW Technical Support Engineer, IBM, USA

Mostafa Ahmed Hamdy Abd Elhamid

Specialized Diploma Senior Project Manager Valeo

Ahmed Adly Abdullah Farahat

(2007) Master’s degree Planning and Maintenance Department Director, Elsewedy Electric

Mohamed Mohamed Tawfiq Saeed Elrefaey

(2008) Specialized Diploma Senior Engineer Saudi Communications

Ahmed Ali Mohamed Abd Elmaqsood

(2008) Bachelor’s degree, Electrical Engineer Head of Mechanical Department, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, West Fayoum Irrigation

Mohamed Mohamed Mostafa Elbasyoony

(2016) Bachelor’s degree Workshops and Markers Engineer Ezz Steel Sadat Factory

Mohamed Abd Elaziz Abd El Monem Hassanein

(2009) Bachelor’s degree Demand Planning Supervisor Ibn Sina Pharma

Tarek Mohamed Mahmoud Okasha

(2009) Bachelor’s degree Technical Support Supervisor, WE Data

Ahmed Taha Hussein Mohamed

(2015) Production Engineer, Military Production

Ahmed Yehia Ahmed

(2010) Bachelor’s degree Bridge Projects and Electrical Projects Manager, Roads and Bridges Authority

Ahmed Salah Saleh Saeed

(2010) Bachelor’s degree Senior ERP Consultant 57357 Hospital

Mohamed Imam

(2010) Quality Engineer, Vodafone

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Soheil

(2012) Automatic Control Devices Engineer, Amreya Petroleum Refining Company

Shady Mohamed Abd Elwahab

(2010) The Administrative Capital Stations Director, Ministry of Electricity, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company