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Activities in Youth Welfare Department are practiced via seven committees, which are also Student Union committees. These are as follows:

Families Committee/ Sport s Activity Committee/ Cultural Activity Committee / Artistic Activity Committee/ Jawala (Rangers) and Public Service Committee/ Social Activity and Trips Committee/ Scientific and Technological Activity Committee .

Social Activity Committee:

1 - Student Union elections (SU elections are conducted annually by the academy)

2 - Environmental researches competitions

3 - Ideal student competitions (Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology has won the title several times, last of which was in 2011/2012

4 - Chess competition

5 - Social issues competition (eradication of illiteracy program)

6 - Serve your institute competition (blood bank project; blood donation campaigns are held on regular basis annually

Sports Activity Committee:

1 - Friendship Tournament (the academy has won the second position in handball ministerial competitions for two consecutive years)

2 - Internal activities (the academy organizes a five-a-side football tournament every semester)

3 - individual games competitions (the academy has won positions for consecutive years in the following games: diving, swimming, karate, taekwondo, body building)

4 - centers of training sports teams

5 - University Youth Week

Cultural Activity Committee :-

1 - Cultural competitions with all its domains

2 - The Holy Quran competition (Modern Academy for Engineering has won positions in ministerial competitions)

3 - Recitation and Oratory competition (the academy has won positions in ministerial competitions)

4 - poetry seminars and events

5 - The Prophet's Birthday Competition

6 - Information Tournament Competition

Artistic Activity Committee :-

1 - Artistic theatrical activity (theater, playing and singing, folk art) (the academy has won positions in playing and singing) (the academy also participates in one-act plays and grand theater, and it has won positions in ministerial competitions)

2 - plastic art activity (the academy sets up a plastic art exhibition on regular basis annually, and it has won positions in ministerial competitions)

Jawala (Rangers) and Public Service Committee/ Trips and Camps Committee

1 - internally organized trips (organized by the academy)

2 - trips and camps organized by the ministry and the students participate in them

Families Committee:-

incorporates all the activities, varying among cultural and artistic programs, trips, bulletin boards, and competitions