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Name : Dr. Abdelmagid A. Abdalla

Degrees Hold : B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering (Weapons and Ammunition). / M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering / PhD.Computational Fluid Dynamics

Position : Head of Dept. of Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology Department

Fax : 02-7270521

Email : a_abdalla1@yahoo.com

Head of Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology

Manufacturing Engineering and Production Technology Department in Modern Academy for Engineering is characterized by its highly efficient experienced staff members, who work at full effort with a distinctive group of teaching assistants, demonstrators and engineers in a stable intimate atmosphere to present graduates efficient manufacturing engineers who would perform their tasks in this vital field of engineering

Our students are the key to our success, as we are keen on providing them with adequate sciences and experiences in the fields of design, computer applications, simulation of industrial systems, planning, production control, operations research and using different production and manufacturing methods for developing products at a low cost and high productivity.

The department always seeks developing the relationship between the department and the factories and the institutions through seminars, consultations and applied researches, summer training, field visits and graduation projects applications.

The department has future plans which target raising the level of scientific performance in order to raise the efficiency and level of graduates.

With our best wishes to today’s students (and tomorrow’s colleagues) for success, distinction and prosperity