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Basic Head

Name : Dr. Mokhtar Mahmoud Abdel-Halim

Degrees Hold : B.Sc., Electrical Eng. / M.Sc., Microwave ferrites / PhD.Microwave integrated Circuits

Position : Head of Dept. of Communication Technology

Tel : 01006527342

Fax : 02-7270521

Email : Mokhtarhalim@hotmail.com

Head Speech

in your specialization through developing the scientific method which we provide periodically and planning training in line with the innovations in the specialization. I am confident tat we- staff, teaching assistants, students and graduates- will all work hard so as to elevate the specialization and develop it .

Last but not least :

1 - Make knowledge your path; make it the light by which you visualize life and the end through which you achieve prosperity and development for your country.

2 - Set scientific innovation as a goal.

3 - Make honesty in doing you work and acquiring and spreading knowledge your code.

4 - Make solemnity and diligence your life existence.

5 - May Allah guide us all for elevating our beloved country, Egypt. He is the best Supporter and the best Sustainer.