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Computer Engineering Department’s Summer Training

Computer engineering department provides both internal and external training programs. The internal program is actually presented to level one students who are going to be specified in electrical engineering in the second year, as well as students in the second level studying electrical engineering and are going to be majored in computer engineering in the third level. The external training program is offered to the third and fourth level students either in various companies or by taking training courses supervised by Oracle or Microsoft.

Level One:

The training program’s aims:

1 - Identifying computer engineering major: fields, application, and science

2 - Practical determining for designing and maintaining personal computers and micro-controllers.

3 - Illustrating computer networks’ principles and net connecting ways via various computers.

4 - Practical training for designing pages using PHP, CSS, and (HTML).

5 - Training program: Designing web pages for work groups.

Course Contents:

1 - Introduction to Computer Engineering

2 - Hardware and Introduction to Microcontrollers

3 - Web Pages’ Design using HTML , CSS and PHP

4 - Introduction to Computer Networks

Computer engineering second level students:

Training goals:

Introducing Java programming language, the main nucleus in operating systems, applied and used in programming mobile phones.

Course Contents:

1 - Introduction to Program Design & Problem-Solving Techniques, Programs

2 - Java Programming Language Essentials

3 - Selection, Loops and Arrays

4 - Java Applets

5 - Java Collections Framework

6 - Multi – Threading

7 - Java Beans

8 - Java Networking

9 - Creating Menus and Dialogs

10 - Java Swing Modeling

11 - Introduction to Android Programming